Vehicle Aftermarket - 9% of net sales 2016

Market overview

Today’s vehicle aftermarket is characterized by a highly competitive market with an increasingly interchangeable product offer and a rapidly changing structure. These developments lead to global price battles and eroding margins.  
A trend increasing in importance is end-users buying spare parts to either do the repair themselves (DIY - do it yourself) or go to a mechanic with the part only paying for the service (DIFM - do it for me). This opens up for additional target groups that require new channels to market and for innovative logistics solutions.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

Through a strong network of more than 10,000 distributors and dealers within the vehicle aftermarket, SKF spare parts for cars, trucks and two-wheelers reach their destination at garages/workshops all over the world. With now over 20.000 variations SKF offers parts and kits to carry out complete repairs for virtually every car make and model in the world.
  To complement its product range with a strong service offer for both distributors and mechanics, SKF provides technical support, hands-on training, smart stock management programs as well as easy on-line access to parts information and fitting instructions.

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