SKF's business per customer industry

SKF’s organization is customer-focused and serves around 40 different industries. This chapter describes SKF’s business and gives the company’s view of the overall market in 26 of the main industries where it operates.

Net sales by customer industries 2016

Overview customer industries 2016

Industrial distribution

Sales through industrial distributors.

Industry, general

Automation, machine tool, industrial drives (fluid machinery, industrial electrical motors and generators, material handling and industrial transmission and driveline services), medical and health care.

Industry, heavy and special

Heavy industrial machinery: metals, mining and cement, pulp and paper. Special machinery: marine, food and beverage.


Aircraft and helicopter builders (system integrators), aero-engine, gearbox, and other aircraft systems manufacturers.


Renewable energy (wind, solar and ocean) and traditional energy (oil and gas and traditional electric power generation).


Passenger (high-speed vehicles, metro cars and light rails), locomotives (diesel and electric) and freight cars.


Cars and light truck manufacturers (OEMs) and their sub-suppliers.

Cars and light trucks

Cars and light truck manufacturers (OEMs) and their sub-suppliers.

Vehicle aftermarket

Spare-part kits products for cars, trucks and two-wheelers.


Truck, trailer and bus manufacturers (OEMs) and their sub-suppliers.

Two-wheelers and Electrical

Motorcycles, scooters and skates. Home appliances, portable power tools and electric motors.

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