Renewable energy

Including: Wind energy, Ocean energy and Solar energy)

Market overview

Technology is developing rapidly in the wind energy market, which demands improved wind turbine efficiency to reduce the Lifetime Cost of Energy (LCoE) of windfarms. Larger turbines, of 6-10 MW, for offshore usage are now entering the market. With large volumes of windfarms no longer under warranty, there is an ongoing major growth in the aftermarket, where predictive maintenance based on condition monitoring and vibration analysis is becoming a market standard. Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global energy market. Ocean energy, harnessing energy from waves and tidal streams, is still in the early stages of development, with ongoing fieldtesting of prototypes and first arrays. This emerging industry is still challenged by high LCoE and active developments on improving competitiveness and reliability through new technological features.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

SKF is a supplier and development partner to most leading manufacturers of wind turbines and wind gearboxes, as well as a supplier of products and services to the emerging wind aftermarket.

SKF provides a continuous flow of new development solutions to the industry, finding new ways of overcoming the technological challenges faced on wind turbines. Some examples of SKFdevelopments for the wind industry include the hybrid bearing with ceramic balls or rollers to cope with electric erosion in wind generators; high capacity cylindrical roller bearings for increased carrying capacity in wind gearbox application; black oxidation on roller bearings for improved running-in capability during initial usage period; the SKF Nautilus mainshaft unit providing a stiff arrangement, coping with axial and radial loads at exceptionally low friction, and SKF WindCon, providing early data on the condition of mechanical parts of a turbine to take service actions before any failures occur. 

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