SKF is constantly developing its manufacturing processes for highly efficient and effective operations, resulting in better quality and customer service. Initiatives for continually improving manufacturing are brought together by SKF Production System, which ensures consistent implementation throughout the Group. To support the technology strategy, R&D focuses on developing and implementing new technology to increase reliability and flexibility, reduce costs and improve environmental performance.

Some examples include:

  • Improved product performance through advanced selection of steel and heat treatment combinations. In recent years considerable investment and implementations have been carried out in heat treatment equipment at many of SKF’s factories.
  • Improved material utilization in all manufacturing processes results in less waste. Near Net Shape (NNS) technologies aim at forming a component to almost its final shape, reducing cost and time for the machining operation.
  • New technologies for sustainable manufacturing resulting in less use of process media and energy use.
  • Building tomorrow’s intelligent factories where digitalization and automation will play an important role.
  • Mobile Information and Communication tools providing the right information, at the right time and place, to the right people.
  • Intelligent manufacturing systems integrating sensors and measuring equipment into machines, for more consistent and reliable manufacturing processes.
  • Advanced intelligent technologies for vision and measuring systems, providing tighter control of manufacturing processes. Combining these with the use of advanced signal processing makes it possible to improve process control and machine condition monitoring.
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