Industrial drives

(Fluid machinery, Industrial electrical motors and generators, Material handling, Industrial transmission and driveline services)

Fluid machinery

(industrial fans, pumps and compressors)

Market overview

The fluid machinery market is driven by many different industries including oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing and water industries, as well as various facilities such as airports, hospitals and shopping malls. The industry focuses on the important need for constant equipment efficiency improvement and reduced total cost of ownership. The development of the industry is also influenced by environmental standards and legislation, the need to lower energy use and maintenance costs. The market has shown good organic growth for a number of years and this is expected to continue.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

SKF supports manufacturers and end-users with a variety of solutions, including, engineering services in the design process, advanced hybrid bearing technology, monitoring offers and magnetic systems. One example is the magnetic system solution for aeration blowers in wastewater facilities. The aeration process can demand as much as 80% of the plant’s total energy use and SKF’s high speed permanent magnet motor and magnetic bearings can reduce energy use by up to 40%.

SKF also offers bearing solutions for harsh operating conditions. For example, compressor applications that need to handle corrosive process gases require highly resistant solutions such as SKF’s bearings for sour gas compressors. This solution provides high reliability and can improve the bearings’ service life from months to years with its corrosion-resistant technology.

Other examples of the use of advanced bearings are for subsea pumps and cryogenic pumps. Reliability and availability are critical requirements for refineries and liquefied natural gas plants. SKF’s cryogenic pump bearings meet these needs by enabling exceptional performance in tough conditions, as well as protection against corrosion, wear and fatigue in extreme temperatures. With SKF’s solutions, companies can more than triple the bearing’s service life and significantly extend mean time between repairs. These solutions also drastically improve the total cost of ownership and energy efficiency.

Industrial electrical motors and generators

Market overview

Electric motor-driven systems account for more than 40% of the world’s electricity use, and therefore improvements in their design have a major impact on global energy demand.

Mandatory minimum energy performance standards for industrial motors, already introduced in most of the markets, will drive the electric motor industry’s major changes.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

To support customers in complying with these regulations, as well as achieving their own sustainability targets, SKF provides various solutions to motor manufacturers and end-users. For example, SKF deep groove ball bearings support motor manufacturers and motor repair facilities to significantly reduce friction losses in the motor, whereas SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems, such as the new SKF TLMR series, help keep friction in electric motor-driven systems to a minimum.

SKF also provides different insulation solutions, like the INSOCOAT and hybrid bearings, to avoid damage that can occur when an electric current passes through the bearing. The rings in INSOCOAT bearings are coated with an insulating ceramic layer, while in SKF’s hybrid bearings insulation is provided by the ceramic rolling elements themselves.

SKF’s Electrical motor test and monitoring equipment that analyzes machine system power quality and provides data on driveline efficiency, includes portable devices such as the Baker AWA-IV static-state motor analyzer and the EXP4000 dynamicstate machine system analyzer.

Material handling

(conveyors, cranes, elevators and escalators)

Market overview

The material handling industry is influenced by the growth in globalization, which is changing the patterns of travelling, consumption, and goods supply. This in turn increases shipment of bulk and cargo volumes between continents. The industry is also driven by growing urbanization and the need to expand infrastructure to be able to handle a larger population.

These trends are driving development in the material handling industry towards improved reliability and greater efficiency in equipment as diverse as conveyors, port cranes, elevators and escalators.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

The SKF Life Cycle Management philosophy and approach means that SKF is involved in the full machinery performance from the design and development at the OEM all the way through to maintenance and repair at the end-user. For example, with space at a premium in the real estate industry, elevators are now designed with the machine room in the elevator shaft and are shifting to gearless direct drive designs. This trend challenges maintenance access and SKF has developed sealed bearing solutions with a service life of up to 20 years, which is equivalent to an elevator motor replacement. Other trends in material handling are automation of equipment and reduced manual maintenance, where employees no longer have to be exposed to dangerous environments. As energy demand is increasing, so is the need for reducing material handling equipment’s energy use and noise generation. SKF is a supplier of solutions for rotating equipment in demanding environments, and its material handling solutions include a range of spherical roller bearings, housings and seal arrangements for conveyor pulleys designed to increase mean time between failure of the bearings. SKF also supplies a number of deep groove ball bearing variants for idler rollers that extend equipment operations and lowers operational costs by reducing energy use. SKF provides a number of service solutions such as condition monitoring, alignment services and central lubrication systems to support proactive maintenance and cut manual maintenance requirements. Proactive maintenance solutions bring value to the crane industry where equipment is difficult to access during routine maintenance and in industries where maintenance windows are short.

Industrial transmission and driveline services

Market overview

The industrial transmission market is driven by many different industries. Smaller gearmotor types are found in many industries, especially in material handling, while larger gearboxes are more frequently used in the heavy industry sector.

The designers of industrial gear units can face different challenges such as, variable speed and torque, high torque at constant speed, heavy external and/or shock loads, and highly contaminated or poor lubrication conditions. SKF’s goal is to meet these demands by optimizing operational reliability and performance, while enhancing cost-effectiveness.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

SKF works with manufactures and integrators of gearboxes in the development phase for more efficient and reliable machinery and equipment. One example is SKF’s seals portfolio where the range of metric rubber outside diameter radial shaft seals, HMS5 and HMSA10, is growing to better match customers’ equipment.

When the electric motor, coupling and gearbox are installed in a driveline, there is still considerable potential to be attained in efficiency gain. SKF helps customers select the most suitable maintenance strategy for their installed driveline, provides driveline health status assessments during production, and offers the most suitable spare parts when the assets need repairing. As drivelines degrade over time, especially when pushed beyond their design parameter, SKF offers engineering and design support, including root cause analysis capabilities, and in certain cases driveline re-engineering. SKF also offers condition monitoring equipment and expertise to further optimize the driveline equipment.

SKF’s solutions are designed for each phase of a driveline’s life cycle to help customers achieve operational reliability, minimal service requirements, optimized maintenance procedures and reduced energy use. Customers include companies such as manufacturers of drives, rolling mills, cement mills, mining companies, paper mills, chemical processing plants and food producers.

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