Financial reporting and disclosure

It is the policy of SKF to adhere to applicable legislation and stock market regulations in relation to disclosure of information to the stock market and the shareholders of the company and to provide timely, accurate and reliable disclosure of information.

Financial information is issued regularly in the form of

  • quarterly reports, published as press releases
  • the SKF Annual Report
  • press releases on news and all important matters which could materially affect the share price

The Board of Directors is responsible for documenting how the quality of the financial reporting is secured and how the Company communicates with its auditor.

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors by preparations in relation to the securing of quality of the Company's financial reporting. This is i.a. achieved through the Audit Committee's review of the financial information and the Company's internal financial controls.

Details of the Board of Directors involvement in the quality review of the financial reporting can be found in the annual Corporate Governance Report.

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