Business Care

Business Care is built on a clear and dedicated customer focus and on delivering a strong, sustainable, financial performance and the right returns for shareholders. These results should be achieved in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


SKF BeyondZero strategy

SKF BeyondZero is the strategy applied to create a positive impact on the environment.

It consists of two simultaneous approaches:

  • to reduce the negative environmental impact resulting from SKF’s operations
  • to provide customers with innovative technologies, products and solutions that offer improved environmental performance.


SKF BeyondZero portfolio

The SKF BeyondZero portfolio consists of SKF products and services with significant environmental benefits. The portfolio allows the Group to measure and quantify environmental benefits from its solutions in the customer’s application.


Responsible sourcing and supply chain

SKF has a number of working methods and tools to assure a responsible sourcing and supply chain. SKF Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Sub-contractors is part of SKF’s general conditions of purchase as well as supplier requirements being defined in the SKF Quality Standard for Suppliers. By adhering to this standard, suppliers confirm the adoption of SKF Code of Conduct, Environment, Health and Safety Policy and the Zero Defects concept.


Business ethics

Besides SKF Code of Conduct, the SKF Group Antitrust Policy, the SKF Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy and the SKF Group instruction on the Use of Gifts and other Favours to Promote Business Contacts and Relationships, are in place to promote free and fair trade as well as to endorse honesty and integrity in business relations.

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