The task of the auditor is to audit, on behalf of the shareholders, the Annual Report and the accounting and also to audit the Board's and the President's management of the company.

The Annual General Meeting elects the auditor. At the Annual General Meeting 2013, PwC was elected as auditor for AB SKF for the time up to the closing of the Annual General Meeting 2017. Peter Clemedtson is the auditor in charge.

The Auditor shall according to a resolution of the Annual General Meeting be remunerated in accordance with approved invoice.

SKF has a procedure in place whereby all matters that are intended to be handled by the elected auditors are evaluated in relation to the independence requirements and are approved or, as the case may be, rejected, according to rules adopted by the Audit Committee. PwC applies a similar procedure and issues annually, in addition thereto, a written statement to the Board stating that the audit firm is independent in relation to SKF.

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