Aerospace - 7% of net sales 2016

Market overview

The aerospace market has almost doubled every decade over the past 40 years. This trend is expected to continue as the industry is driven by increased global travel, especially related to Asia. The need to renew ageing fleets due to tougher environmental legislation and fuel price pressure, has led to the evolution of lighter, more durable aircraft using composite materials, as well as a new generation of quieter and more fuel-efficient engines.

In the coming years India and China in particular, are likely to drive growth as their domestic markets are expected to expand and create a greater demand for single-aisle, regional aircraft and helicopters. In the aerospace industry an engine or helicopter model can have a lifetime of up to 50 years and relations between manufacturers and their suppliers are therefore often long-term. Flight performance and safety are critical issues. Products need to operate reliably in highly demanding conditions and call for very specific engineering and manufacturing knowledge.

SKF’s offer and role in the market

SKF provides main aircraft, helicopter, engine and system manufacturers with highly-engineered, customized solutions, including main-shaft and transmission bearings, airframe bearings, composite, seals and precision elastomeric devices. SKF also provides airlines and maintenance repair and overhaul customers with maintenance and repair services, carried out under international certification standards and quality approval, supporting the customer throughout the product lifecycle. SKF supports the main players in the industry in the development of their new flight programmes. About two-thirds of SKF’s aerospace business relates to aircraft applications and the rest to helicopter applications.

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